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The problem with these kinds of analyses is that they don't tell you anything new.

Beer and wine are the big sellers. The microbrew industry is still growing. So strongly that there's now Budweiser Amber Ale (or something akin to it).

The US spirits industry is $37 Billion annually. 0.0001 of that is a good amount of money. 67% of the adult population drinks. 0.00001 of that is a good number of people.

Which spirits sell? Go to 5 liquor stores. Look at the shelf space taken up with the different spirits. They stores aren't filling space for the fun of it. The most space is given over to what sells. You'll learn that

Vodka is #1.

Whiskey is pretty big, probably #2. Then there's tequila, rum, etc.

Then there's shelves with the bottles gathering dust. Odd stuff that the public has forgotten about, that is industrially made with the addition of flavorings from the chemical industry. No wonder they sit on a shelf. Some of those spirits would be really good if handcrafted, made from fine ingredients with skill. But would take some time to build up a following, and might never be a huge seller.

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