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Finish Still, Stripping Still, Hammer Mill and Scale

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$10,000 - Selling my 500L Hoga.  I had a water bath built, with direct fire natural gas burners.  Heat up time is about 2 hours and the run time can be as quick as 3 hours and as slow as 8 hours depending on how many of the plates you're using and how hard you're running the dephlegmator.  It has a column with up to 10 removable plates, and then a dephlegmator above the condenser.  I've been able to do stripping runs, finishing runs, whisky, rum, short runs of vodka and brandy on this unit, and its size pairs very well with my stripping still.  The water bath helps keep the quality high on your final product.


$6000 - 600 gallon custom stripping still.  I purchased the 600 gallon double walled and jacketed tank, added a 2hp agitator with a bronze boat prop and a mechanical variable drive (wired for 110V right now but can be rewired for 220V), put a 3" column and built a copper coiled condenser out of a propane tank.  I've used it with a direct fire burner that is included, it was designed to evenly apply heat over a large area across the bottom to reduce hot spots and burning.  This still will need to get the column reattached after being moved into place.


$3000 - 10hp meadow mills hammer mill model5 with fan discharge for flour.  This unit is single phase 220V so it can work anywhere, you can even run it off of a generator easily!  I have 1/16" screen and 1/4" screen.  The hammer mill will need new cloth bags to catch the grain, while being stored I had some rats chew through them.


$500 - 1,000# +/-0.2lbs NTEP pallet scale.  I went for the lower weight to get higher accuracy.


I would be willing to sell everything together with a bundle price or each piece separately.  I used the large still as a mash tun, so all you would need potentially is a pump and some fermenters to get your distillery started.  I could process 1500# of grain per mash/stripping run and 3000# of potatoes the one time I made a potato vodka.










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38 minutes ago, TomClifton said:

The stripping still/mash tun. Question:

you mash, ferment, and do a stripping run with this setup?

Tom that's right.  When I could only run on the weekends, I would do my mash on Sunday, let it ferment all week, run my stripping run saturday, then run a new mash and a finishing run on sunday.

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