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Have Destination + Investment + tourism. Need Team

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I am the spirits industry liaison for Luckett & Farley, America’s oldest Architectural, Engineering, and Corporate Interior Design firm (163 years) —working in North America and the Caribbean.  We’ve designed everything from stadiums and military bases to fire stations and college campuses, including the iconic landmark, Churchill Downs back in the day. We’re also distillery specialists, and for decades we’ve been the design firm of choice for Jack Daniels, Early Times, Woodford Reserve, Old Forester, and Brown Forman, among others.  This represents hundreds of millions in constructed distilleries and distillery work over the years.   We recently engineered the Rabbit Hole craft distillery going up in Louisville right now.

Luckett & Farley info:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tx8hr4rnxexn9dj/AACgxvIEnDJN4Z_16lYaIexla?dl=0

Here's the deal I am brokering:  I have a wealthy city in Indiana that has all the people and tourism to make a craft distillery a big success.  They want a big craft distillery with a beautiful customer experience area.  They have a fantastic location, tiff district allocation, and wealthy town fathers who may want to get involved if the deal is right.  If you have the experience or have a good distillery in a location that isn't working out, and you would like to move, please contact me.  Don't contact me if you have nothing to offer on your side...sorry, but they are looking for a partner in this endeavor.  If you do have something to offer:  A brand(s) in distribution, your own investment, deep experience, etc., and want to entertain the idea, then email me at bneighbors@luckett-farley.com.  Another potential player in this deal is a nationwide distribution expert.  He is waiting to see what develops.

I recently had someone perfect, Distillery A, who backed out because of the distance of the move.  They had a good track record and several spirits in local area distribution, all the equipment for a distillery, and even some of their own investment capital. They need tourism but the area they're in is not cutting it.  But the idea was too far for them to make the move.  So the deal is open again unless they change their minds.

 In addition, do not ask me where in Indiana, I am under an NDA.  I'm telling you Indiana, only because someone from the East Coast, Distillery A above, got really excited and then felt the distance was too far to go. 

After the municipality says they want to meet you, your free to know it all, visit the site meet the people and all that.  They want to keep a lid on the anti-alcohol sentiment until they are ready to announce.

And the last item: They want to know who you are first:  Your resume, CV, list what you're bringing to the table, your story, etc., will be required before you meet them or know where they are. If that makes you uncomfortable I will sign an NDA for you.

PS:  My brokering fee (that they have agreed to) is that Luckett & Farley will do ALL architectural, engineering, interior design (to your taste of course) and construction management.  Our friends at Vendome Copper and Brass, and Distillery Epicenter, may also be involved If necessary for equipment and training.



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