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clogged spray balls

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Had an absent minded moment and grains got into our CIP pump. I now have approx 22-24 spray balls clogged. Many are in very inaccessible places (eg in Whiskey head requiring removal of head, at top of 18 foot vodka column, etc.). I've dealt with this in other tanks easily (eg fermenters, mash tun) by removing balls and cleaning them but am not looking forward to taking this approach with the still.

I am just checking if there is any advice out there before I dismantle the whisky head and start removing 20+ sight glasses to access the balls and clean them by hand.

Thanks in advance

The absent minded student

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Unfortunately it didn't work.

I guess this is the downside of having the kettle as the heating unit for the CIP system. I wish I could say it won't happen again, but undercaffeinated mornings don't treat me well. I'm hoping to unclog the majority of the spray balls and hope the others clear with repeated cleaning cycles.

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