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Available: 850 Gal Portable Fermenters. 16 Ready To Ship.

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19 Dec 2017: We have just completed a production run of 16 of the 825 Gal / 3120 L sizes, ready to ship. Contact us for more info.


Spokane Industries has several in-stock, READY TO SHIP portable stainless steel tanks.  We have 2 sizes available. These tanks are manufactured by us in Spokane, Washington, USA.

NOTE: If we are out-of-stock when you contact us, the tanks are something that we can produce with minimal wait time. Please inquire!

2 Standard sizes:

  •      550 Gallons / 2080 Liters  -  Starting at Call (With stainless steel coil prices changing rapidly, please call for pricing)
  •      825 Gallons / 3120 Liters  -  Starting at Call (With stainless steel coil prices changing rapidly, please call for pricing)


  •      550 Gal - 53" Dia x 66" H 
  •      825 Gal - 65" Dia x 66" H

Standard Features:

  •      Open Top
  •      Dimpled Cooling Jackets
  •      Tri-Clover Drain Port and Racking Port
  •      Threaded Thermowell
  •      Ice Shield
  •      Fork Pockets

Optional Features (We can add to standard tank before shipping):

  •      Vertical 18" Tall Grain Screen Over Drain, Removable  
  •      13" x 17" (ID) Bottom Cleanout Manway  
  •      Lid w/ Bulb Edge Seal and Vent Ferrule 

Useful for Fermenting, Barrel Work, Bottling, Other

Fork-Pockets are Pallet Jack Compatible, and are Strong Enough to Invert the Tank With a Fork Lift for Solids Dumping (After Draining)

Stackable When Not In Use

Shipping to your destination is extra - Please inquire

At Your Service:  Ken Ovnicek  509-921-8868   ken@spokaneindustries.com

Portable Tank Brochure



IMG_6879.jpg.b350b705f97689ae0da00a570db56c8e.jpg    IMG_6452.thumb.jpg.1cec97d47ba6f3c904ffb406337c480c.jpg



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