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Wine Reduction Still

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1500 Litre Charge Brandy Still

The Reduction Unit is a custom piece of equipment.

Production was originally set as a batch process with intent to move into continuous flow operation.

Original logs, manuals, production information accompanies the equipment as well as the supplier detail for each piece of the equipment.

Average batch produced approximately 800 litres per batch.

Processing tank is set on electronic load cells to weight the batch throughout the production and is controlled by separate panel.

Stainless steel tank is equipped with a million BTU burner fueled by natural gas.

Cycle Time

Charge Contents = 0.5 hours

Boil Contents = 1.25 hours

Distil Contents = 7.0 hours

Discharge and Clean = 0.5 hours

Total = 9.25 hours

Steam Required-Boiling = 133 kg/hr = 166 kg

Steam Required-Distilling = 250 kg/hr = 1750 kg

Total = 1916 kg

Say 2000 kg

Cooling Water Required = 6 m³/hr = 42 m³

Price: $29,000

Contact: Ian Day/N.A.B.S.


Toll Free 866-917-2337


post-650-126808226324_thumb.jpg post-650-126808228335_thumb.jpg post-650-126808229339_thumb.jpg post-650-126808230862_thumb.jpg post-650-126808232122_thumb.jpg

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