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Hello Everyone, 

Business partner is shopping for a 15 Hp boiler for our start up, and  has been getting so much information that it is now starting to get confusing, one product that stands out is the Sellers Boiler that has many features,  the big one claims that no chemical treatment is required, in addition to other features that some of the major manufactures don't have. Is anyone on this Forum using this boiler ?  lots of questions, like are there  spare parts recommended to purchase ahead of time? does the spare parts come under this thing is going to break down in the middle of a spirit run ! 

Some manufacturers we have quotes from have a list of 14 items that up the cost to over $2k ! 

Thanks   Lorenzo

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If you are concerned about the ability to be repaired quickly, deal with a boiler manufacturer that is common to your area, with representation in your area, and repair expertise in your area.  Your plumber likely has an opinion on this.  If he or she does not, you might want to question their knowledge of commercial steam systems.

Spare parts to buy before hand?  Odd question, none.  A decent boiler, regularly maintained/serviced, should run for decades.  Unless you live in a remote area, Fedex or UPS can get you a spare part overnight.

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Hey HottyToddy


quick question, does the BDS separator that is specified on Sellers equipment take the place of a blowdown tank, does your system have this or a larger separator ?does it in fact cool the blowdown to enter a normal sewer drain.

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ours has a side tanks(bds=blow down separator) that mixes tap water with the hot blow down water to cool it off so it will not melt the pvc. I would still use some iron pipe immediately after. 


if you are returning condensate you will need a feed water system. the only condensate we return is from our doubler.  however, it is piped so it can be easily bypassed.

if dealing with lp my company didn't understand the demand was constant and required a vaporizer to function properly or 5 x 1,000 gallon tanks to get enough vapor. with a 15hp it might not be such a problem. Basically the gas company tried to calculate my vapor need like a traditional house where you almost never use 100% of the gas appliances at once so they figure like 30-50% you can't do that with a boiler as it demands 100% when firing. if you don't get enough vapor the lp tank will freeze.  My gas company installed the vaporizer for free but wanted a 5 year contract. if I had to buy the vaporizer it would have cost $5-10K. with a 15hp the gas company should be able to set one tank large enough for you to get enough vapor. 


Also I wish my boiler would modulate(throttle) depending on demand some of the new sellers boilers do just check.  

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It’s a shame that the boiler and burner manufacturers don’t make smaller modulating burners.  I guess they figure with a smaller boiler, the potential benefits for a typical user are probably too small to warrant.  However in our processes, heat and hold lends itself pretty well to even a simple hi/lo 2 level modulation.

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