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Liquor Quik Essences


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Flavormatic in NJ is my place of choice.

Mother Murphys is great to, but there flavors are not as concentrated, so if you use 2 gallons of product from them you will use about half that of Flavormatic's. The prices are about the same, so will save money with Flavormatic. Flavormatic will sell you 1 gallon if you need it ($50 fee), but Mother Muphys has a 4 gallon per flavor min. So if your flavor is $150 per gallon, it would be $200 for 1 gallon from flavormatic & $600 from Mother Murphys.

Flavormatic will send you free flavor samples. Remember when dealing with flavors from anyone these flavors are concentrated!!!!!! I have one flavor I use that is so powerful that I use about 2 shot glasses per 330 gallons. Get your self some good scales for doing flavor mixing and testing. Our small scale goes down to .001 grams


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