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Hi all,

Does anyone have a good, affordable recommendation for a bottle supplier who does custom embossing?  I want to have a small logo embossed on the upper part of my bottle similar to where Reyka has its embossing (pictured below).



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We have custom embossed bottles. You pay for the mold and the cost of the bottles remain the same. If you spread the cost over the first order (10,800) the cost increase is not too bad and then your next order just increases profits by that much. It's less than $1 and if you have a good product and nice looking bottle you just pass it onto the customer. Nobody's going to complain for $1.


Gabriel Gentile

 O-I Packaging Solutions 

Direct: 469.443.1158



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We are experts in custom embossed glass bottles with small order quantities - see attached photos. We can emboss around the shoulder of a bottle. video2.mp4Thank you for the opportunity to work on your custom glass bottle. I am focused on encouraging customers not to purchase glass bottles from distributors and to build their own custom molds.  I am confident we can produce the quality glass you require, in time and within budget. The offering is as follows:

Why buy a stock bottle when you can have your very own custom bottle? We offer custom design glass bottles. We decorate using Embossing, Spray Painting, Acid Etch Frosting, Silk Screen Printing, and Multi Color Decaling. Making your own custom bottle allows you to differentiate your product/brand on shelf enabling a unique design, shape and the ability to emboss your company name, logo, or design into the package.  Also, you are only 6 weeks from a reorder and do not need to worry about a distributor having your package in inventory.


Order Quantity = 11,000 pieces fitting a 20 foot container

Mold Cost = $2,400

750ml Bottle Price = $0.90 Ex-works our China factory (you can arrange the transport if you like)

DDU Transport Price to your warehouse via ocean shipment = 0.30 ($3,300 total)

Total Price = 1.10 DDU delivered to your 44077 warehouse


1 week = bottle drawing

3 weeks = unit mold and sample the bottle

3 weeks = production molds and schedule production

1 weeks = run production

4 weeks = ocean ship to the USA


1- Provide the ship to address, quantity, bottle shape, capacity, neck finish and decoration details

2- We provide a price quote.

3- If the price quote is acceptable, issue a PO

4- We make the engineering drawing for your approval

5- When the engineering drawing is approved, we make the mold and sample the bottle

6- When the bottle samples are approved, we schedule and run production

7- Bottles are packed into corrugated master cartons with internal dividers, palletized, strapped, and stretch wrapped

8- A MIL105e quality inspection is performed before anything ships

We are all about making good things happen. Given the chance, I will deliver the quality glass bottles you require. I want this order. Send me the details of your custom bottle. Please call me to discuss

Robert K. Miller


Liquor 375ml Cube Bottle.jpg

Lean completed bottle sample(2).JPG

Liquor Cassovia 750ml.JPG

Quiver 750ml clear bottle(1).jpg

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On 1/8/2018 at 4:27 PM, Ironton said:

If you spread the cost over the first order (10,800) the cost increase is not too bad and then your next order just increases profits by that much.


Hi Gabriel,

Is that the minimum order for custom embossed bottles? What's the minimum order for non-custom bottles? I have been looking at O-I's Grandeur bottle as an option.



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