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EZDISTILLING.com need ideas

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I want to give back to the distilling world. It was not so easy for me starting out. I would really like to be a positive part of the distilling community.

I am putting together a simple little web site where I will shoot videos of tip and tricks around the distillery and post them to youtube. How to build some of the more complex equipment that we use or can't afford at our distilleries or maybe it is just a simple question.


I am looking for good video ideas for the website. Good informational and helpful. Or maybe you want to know how something works, or need some thing made...... what ever. 

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that's a great idea , you have always bin a great and willing source of info on this forum . i don't think there are any members here that havent learned from you and your experience . good on you for being so willing to help . i would personally love to see a video on how cuts can be made with the aid of temp readings . also any videos on your equipment and builds or mods . were in the process of building a continuous stripping still so any info on continuous columns would be great . cant wait till this is up and running . thanks 


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  • How to build a CO2 pump for fermentation gases
  • Explain which materials are safe for handling alcohol and at what proof
  • Have a "sources" page for companies that might sell an obscure piece of equipment or components commonly used in other industries, but that don't market to distilleries
  • A "Things I've Learned"/"Things I'd Do Different" bullet point page ... that would actually make a good thread topic here.
  • Explain simple things that we now take for granted:
    • How to dump cases of empty bottles onto a table for filling
    • Using a latex glove to separate & apply shrink sleeve flats to bottles
    • Inserting finished/labeled bottles into case partition slots at an angle/corner of the slot so the labels don't rip and tear getting caught on the sharp cardboard
    • The notch on the bottom of bottles indicates the center of the back of the bottle
  • Show different ways barrels can be stacked/palletized
  • How to unload loose barrels off of a semi
  • Cost effective and efficient examples of grain handling systems
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The index on the bottle thing - I wish manufacturers would tell people that. I've told 4-5 different craft people that it goes in the back. Even had one guy tell me he liked it in the front. 

  • For small craft guys - how to fill a bottle properly & the rules around it. Not everyone has a filler. We did by weight per bottle before we got a filler.  Slow but legal. 
  • How to use a heat shrink tunnel.
  • TTB recording and reporting for people starting without experience. 
  • Proofing
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We're just starting up and these are issues that we wrestled with along the way.

Hot Liquor Tank vs Tankless water heater – pros and cons?

Proper manifold construction and controls?

How to aerate prior to fermenting?

Filtering prior to bottling – what should be used – why do it?

Alcohol Vapor detection – what’s out there - what measure should you take?

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