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Templeton Rye- Production Manager needed

Alex Woolery

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This role has been filled! Got a lot of awesome reach-outs from this posting. I'm going to post our Lab Manager role here to share with all of you as well. Cheers!

Templeton Rye Whiskey is opening a new distillery in Templeton, Iowa. We are looking for a Production Manager to join our team! 

If you're interested, email me at alexfigge@youngsmarket.com. Here are the specs:

Templeton Rye is looking for a Production Manager with an Engineering or secondary education degree and at least 2 years of experience overseeing production in a similar role. The Production Manager is to plan, organize and control production to ensure that distilled spirits are being produced efficiently, on time and of acceptable quality.  The Production Manager will report to the Operations Manager and oversee the whiskey production which includes grain receiving, cooking, fermentation, distillation and proofing.  The Production Manager will also oversee Utilities (Boilers, Soft Water, RO water, compressed air, CIP and stillage treatment plant).


·         Manages inventories of all raw goods needed for the production of spirits.

·         Receiving and offloading of grain (trucks and super sacks)

·         Schedule all milling, cooking, fermentation and distillation processes

·         Manage distillate inventories (tanks, barrels and in process)

·         Participate in quality panels

·         Oversee the utility systems including boilers, RO water, softeners and compressed air

·         Train employees on the process and required safety training

·         Oversee plant sanitation and food safety

·         Participate in community events

·         Troubleshoot equipment issues as needed

·         May perform additional duties assigned 


·         Engineering degree (process related field) or secondary education degree and at least 2 years of service in a similar role.

·         Communication Skills – ability to openly communicate with co-workers and management

·         Mechanical Skills – can perform minor repairs and adjustments of equipment as needed

·         Critical Thinking Ability – employee can perform moderate to difficult calculations to confidently carry out job expectations to meet the needs of the business

·         Integrity – Can hold themselves and others to the companies and own values.


·         3+ years fermentation experience

·         3+ years distillation experience

·         5+ years supervisory experience

·         Experience with controls including tuning & troubleshooting

·         Demonstrated ability to lead a team

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The role has been filled!
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