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Once Used Jack Daniels & Woodford Reserve Barrels and Wine Barrels

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Once Used Bourbon Barrels

Country Connection currently has truckload quantities of Jack Daniel's barrels available and a limited quantity of freshly dumped Woodford Reserve barrels. These were used once for the aging of bourbon and are ready to be filled. Minimum order is 4 barrels. For a complete quote, please provide the quantity desired and a zip code for delivery. 

Once used bourbon barrels starting @ $120 each

Neutral Red & White Wine Barrels (2011)

In addition, we also have neutral red & white wine barrels (2011).
Neutral Red Barrels - $60 each
Neutral White Barrels $85 each

Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions you might have! 

Jessica Holliday
Country Connection




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