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small local sanitation problems


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Hi everyone,  having some issues with a local sanitation board.  The problem they have is a distilleries high bod levels and acidic waist we send down the drain.  I have weighed several options to help bring the levels down to an acceptable level to send down the drain. ( EX.  holding tanks and treating with hydrogen peroxide,  dilution, send all waste to farmers,  all the way up to own treatment plant.) The problem with sending all waste to farmers is they have no need for rum dunder and i will be making whiskeys and rum.  The problem with dilution is it will take a lot of water to dilute to acceptable levels. And the problem with treatment plant is very expensive.   

So i guess I am just asking how others are dealing with this and just looking for any other ideas.

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Cows will and can effectively drink rum dunder and will eat/drink wet grain stillage right out of the still (no dewatering). Dewatering makes it easier to haul.

I feed rum dunder straight out of the still. My cows line up for it and it slows water freezing in cold weather. So I'm mixing it with water to stretch it this time of year.

Search wet or thin stillage

I recently posted a ref to wet stillage, but here's some more.


"Thin Stillage

Thin stillage contains only 5-10% dry matter and can be used to replace water in cattle feeding
operations. Research suggests that replacing water with thin stillage reduces dry matter intake without negatively
affecting performance. "

"In three experiments involving 300 animals, cattle that were allowed access to thin stillage as their only water

source gained weight 5.7 percent faster, consumed 5.8 percent

less feed and were 11 percent more efficient than those with access to only water.

Present these figures to a farmer or farm group and see if someone will come get it.

I also found my local DOH confused distillery with brewery. Our BOD is far less than Brewery.

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Thank you for the info should really help when i go to the farmers.  Just got approved through sanitation to go ahead and start the build.  We went with holding tanks and pre treatment with hydrogen peroxide.  But still going to try and give as much to farmers as they will take.  Again thank you for you info it will go to good use. 

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