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5 sets of 5bbl non-jacketed brite beer tanks - in stock from DYE company


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Hi Guys,

We have 5 sets of single walled bright beer tanks in stock, if you are interested, pls do not hesitate to contact me by email daey009@dayuwz.com. 

Here are the specs:
Working capacity: 5BBL
Total capacity: 6.1BBL 
Overall size: 1800mm high, 900mm diameter 
Top manway
Accessories: pressure relief valve, CIP ball and arm, thermometer, sample valve, pressure gauge, CIP valve, outlet valve, carbonate stone, and all are 1.5" triclamp connection. 

Price: $1867/set

Pls contact me to get more details.

Email: daey009@dayuwz.com

DYE Company

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