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150(ish) Gallon Electric Still


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We have the best quality and price in the industry in my opinion.  Our customers think so too (click on the link below to see what our customers have to say about our equipment ).  We have Standard series 150 gallon stills starting at $5,783.00 ,  $10,052.00 complete with the heating system.  We also have 200 and even 300 gallon single wall and Baine Marie Stills.  We have steam stills as large as 2,500 gallon.  Our stills are in over 240 distilleries nation wide and in many other distilleries around the world  Give us a call 417-778-6100 and or email us Paul@distillery-equipment.com for a qoute and a copy of our huge reference list.  Please see the pic of our single walled 150 gallon below.  We also have them in Baine Marie.


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On 2018年1月26日 11:24:17 at 11:24 AM, Berglund said:

Hi all,

Our distillery is looking to buy our first still. We are looking for a 150-250 gallon electric still, preferably bane marie style oil bath. Agitator is a plus.



Hi Berglund,

We have a 300 gallons (bain maire type) in stock, if you are interested, pls do not hesitate to contact me by email daey009@dayuwz.com. And we would like to sell it at a discounted price ($29000).


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