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Sugar wash problems


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I'm having problems with my sugar wash, I'm doing 100 gals, 200lbs sugar, 380gms DAP, 200gms DistilaMax SR, I dissolve sugar than put all the ingredients at the recommend temps and order, I get a brix around 24, after done fermenting in 5-6 days I get around 15abv, I'm using a columan still with one bubbler plate, when distillet comes out it starts at 140abv, drops quickly to 60, than 40, than 20, it stays there for about 45 mins than fads out. Why am I not getting a higher ABV out of the parrot. Any thoughts?  

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it could be alot of things , how tall is your column , is it packed , do you have a deflagmator to get some reflux , and how hard are you pushing it . if your column is hollow with no packing and one plate your runing basically a pot still , that being the case those numbers are not bad for a stripping run . the other thing you can look at is are you sure there is 15 percent abv in your wash , and did your fermentation actually produce the alcohol that you think it did . 

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