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Hello from The South

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Hi ya'll,

I've been on here for some time now, and spoken with quite a few of you. I figured it was high time I actually introduced myself.

My name is Todd Weiss, and I am working on opening a rum distillery around Charleston, SC. My a-ha! moment came about 4 years ago. Originally from Philly, we had just moved down south (my southern accent is fake). We went back to Philly for a visit and tried another micros rum. MMmmm... I said, "I should see about distributing this in SC!" Well, we all know what happens when you have a few more drinks... Four years later, I actually have some plans on paper. Man this takes a looong time. I figure another year or two before I open the doors.

I just want to thank those of you who have been a help both directly and indirectly, through your posts. I hope to be able to offer the same level of advice in the future.


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