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Craft Needs Its Own Content Marketing Channel

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Content marketing is the new way of doing things, and it is important for craft to plant its flag in this new landscape. Already established brands like Grey Goose are partnering with media outlets such as Tastemade to create branded series that connect with audiences on their own terms. It is a trend that cannot be ignored.

But how are small craft labels going to compete with massive marketing budgets from the likes of Bacardi? How will you be able to cut through the noise? That is where a platform like MicroShiner comes in.

MicroShiner is a content marketplace dedicated solely to craft brands. We are working to build a platform that puts craft on an equal footing. A channel that is accessible to craft labels, where they do not have to compete with huge advertising spends, but still provides a readily available platform for sharing their message.

We know many craft producers are already making their own branded content. That’s great, but if everyone does it, what happens to the attention of the craft consumer? Is it aggregated, or diluted? Now imagine if instead we had a single channel filled with that same content, where a consumer can go to find a vast amount of content about craft that leaves them inspired to become a part of this growing movement. The network effect of such an approach, leveraging your collective content in a synergistic manner to everyone’s benefit, bringing craft consumers together in one place, magnifies the return on your marketing dollar immensely. Because you're not competing with each other. You are all competing against the conglomerates.

At MicroShiner, we understand the demands on your resources. Hey, we’re a craft brand too! But we also understand the power of community. And we’ve done the math.

For a brand that is only distributed in 2 states, putting money into promoting itself on a global platform doesn’t make sense. Except that it does. Because right now, the quickest way to increase your sales is to increase awareness about craft itself. This is what MicroShiner is working to do. Our first and overriding goal is to get people to ask for craft and local spirits every time they make a purchase.

Right now, craft’s share of the spirits market is only a few percent. But if we can get just twice as many people asking for local or craft spirits when they are at the bar or bottle shop, your sales will nearly double. Which is why investing money in content marketing that is aimed at improving awareness of craft spirits is absolutely the highest and best use of your marketing budget outside of your immediate area.

We want to see you succeed, and we're here to help make that happen. So let’s make a craft content marketing platform together. A place people can tune into to celebrate the values that are craft, a place free from the noise, a place where being small is an advantage, not a liability.

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13 hours ago, microshiner said:

@LaChascona - visit us at Microshiner.com and let us know what you think.


Yeah, looks great. Good luck with everything. Nice idea.

My distillery is in El Monte, Chile. It is called Patagonia Spirits Company and right now we are making only one product called PROA. It's a gin crafted with Chilean botanicals from the Atacama desert, Central wine region, Pacific Ocean and Patagonia. Check out the website at www.ginPROA.com or my instagram @gin.proa

Let me know what you think. You can contact me directly at nick@ginPROA.com


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