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work for new distillery in Peru


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A distillery startup Peru, I`m accepting resumes for a full time master distiller position. All applicants must have at least 3 years of distilling experience.

The duties of this position will include: mashing, fermentation, quality control, maintenance, and inventory management.

Its a great opportunity for the ones who want to take a break and come Peru to enjoy all what this country offers.

Send resumes to: Cvalderrama@rsgruppo.com

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Any further details? Other positions available? Current status of the distillery? Response to Will's questions?

Look at when he joined. He just joined to place his add and not really interested in keeping up. Too bad we cannot get rid of these kinds of distractions. Coop

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The Master Distiller position is still available. The position will require a vast knowledge about the Potato Vodka production in order to produce a world class spirit.

Here is the plan; the distillery is going to start operating in July – August. In the next weeks we are going to start buying all the equipment needed to distill and make ultra premium vodka.

Talking about the job, the Master Distiller will be in charge of all the vodka production and the management of the inputs. Obviously, in direct coordination with the CEO and Operation Manager.

I would like to share with you the plant requirements we have estimated to the time, in order to receive your professional council.

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