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Its a workable idea if you have a capacity match for your load. You need decent and consistent quality of oil when doing this, not just from any handed off source or you can run into problems if its contamniated with a lot of foreign substance, or especially water. Looks like Columbia offer them as well.



Keeping the oil tank filled is an extra step you do not have with gas fired in general.

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I am running my still direct fired with waste veg oil burner and heat water and steam with waste oil.

My Son is also using waste veg oil burner for steam in his brewery. 

http://www.econoheat.com/waste-oil-equipment/hot-water-boilers/ US company in Washington

We only have their burner guns, not their boilers.

My hot water/steam boiler was originally a wood fired boiler, just took the ash drawer out and put burner gun there.

My Son gets his oil from a fish shop that runs it through their filter before dumping back to original drums. All ready to use.

I need to filter mine to about 120 microns.

I believe used motor oil may require less maintenance of burner gun but it is not as pleasant to handle.

A bit more maintenance than gas, and possibly filtering, but FREE fuel

Econoheat also have wast oil powered chillers http://www.econoheat.com/waste-oil-equipment/air-conditioners/ 


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You may find it challenging to install a oil tank these days. Out here on the coast, oil tanks are a big liability and there have been several cases of landowners having to pay big time for even small leaks. The bio/veg-oil sounds like a superior strategy, even with increased maintenance requirements. Also, the bio-oil may also offer some interesting marketing opportunities to the environmentally minded.

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good info pete thanks . out here if we went this route it would defiantly be used motor and hydraulic oil . glenlyon here in rural Sask oil holding tanks shouldn't be a problem . the big thing now is to compare the pro and cons . we have option of staying with wood boiler , switching to a round bale burner , or oil burner , or going to all solar . all have there advantages our son is a electrician so he is pushing hard for solar . thanks again for the info . much research to do 



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If you can get enough used hydraulic oil that would be the cleanest and easiest energy.

Fitting an oil burner to your wood boiler should be very easy, possibly not maximum efficiency but fuel is free, or almost.

A lot of equipment required for a round bale boiler

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