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Shut Down/Next Run Procedure Safety Question

Grazin' Spirits

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I am a new distiller and am concerned about shutting down at the end of the day, or when switching to a new mash in the kettle.

My general take on it was that after shutdown, you wait for all activity at the parrot to stop.  I do this but of course when I open the manway the atmosphere rushes in and it begins to run/boil  again.  All of this is compounded I imagine by the fact that I am running a baine marie with an oil jacket, so it stays hot forever.   Running nearly an hour after I turn off the heat.  

So lets say I run a wash down to 20%, is the vapor then of small enough concentration it is no longer considered explosive and I can just get to switching out for the next mash?   30%?  whats the safe limit?  

Or never safe with vapor at any concentration and I have to let it fully cool, wasting hours like I do now.   

I'm sorry if this has been addressed before but I was unable to find it.   I want to maximize productivity, but I still want to be safe obviously.   Your guidance is appreciated.



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