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Intro: Andrew

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Heya folks! Long overdue introduction; our "quiet phase" has lasted longer than expected.

I'm part of a two-man team getting a very small operation up and running in the mid-South (USA). We started out in late fall of last year and have most major things lined up except where we'll be producing (hence, the nebulous "mid-South"). Due to Tennessee's unfortunate distillery laws our home city is off-limits, as is anywhere else nearby, so finding a hometown for our distillery has been our biggest time-sink. We think we've got our site down, finally, and are shaking out the lease details.

Though we're in whiskey/bourbon country (and now rum, thanks to Prichards), our initial focus will be on gin-head style gin. If you're at the '08 whiskey conference, you'll see our little 50 gallon at Vendome; it's just finished up and waiting on its heating unit.

The two of us started last fall with no spirits distillation experience (though there may be some genetic predisposition). I have a biology background, which has helped, and have some startups under my belt. My partner, outside of making homebrew wine and shochu, is also a business geek. That said, we're both passionate about this little venture. Our biggest challenge has been preserving focus on a small start with a small set of products; there's so much we'd like to try.

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Thanks, Gwydion. I hope your US project's making speedy progress.

Typo above. :rolleyes: My business partner's been homebrewing sake, not shochu. We intend to translate the one to the other, being fans of the stuff.

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