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Grape Juice, Must, or Pomace sources

Elixir Distilling Company

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You are somewhat out of season for the area, you are into South American grape season now.  For small volumes, you can check with Corrado's Wine in Clifton, or the grape place in Newark off 21, forget what it's called (Dinatos or some such).  Corrados is going to be incredibly expensive, the Newark place slightly less so.  If you are near AC - Check with Gino Pinto.  You probably won't find pomace at this time of year, it doesn't keep more than a few days, usually ends up in a dumpster or compost.  Neither of these are long-term solutions, because for the price you will pay for juice in NJ, it will be nearly impossible to make a profit.  You are talking easy $50-60 for 5 gallons of juice.  Last time I inquired about juice in tote volumes, I got quotes north of $2.5-3k from the local guys.

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Well thats a ridiculous cost to work with for totes so - pomace i have a source for when the season hits - but as you said its a once a year thing and Ill end up paying for cold storage for any I want to freeze and time-shift. I am hoping a grape concentrate might help - or frozen juice. I was going to stop by corrados worst case but I am pretty sure the cost will be as you said too expensive. I suppose a different fruit may work. What do you think about that?


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Depends on what area you're in

As Silk said, fresh stuff isn't happening now. Commercial juice suppliers have it, the people I use here in WA have concentrate almost year-round. You can check on places like winebusiness.com or google....


The good news is harvest will again show up before we're ready for it  ;)

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As others said your best bet is get pomace during grape harvest time. You should contact several vineyards/wineries near you to line up and arrange to pick up their pressed pomace. Some vineyards just compost theirs, so they may let it go at a good price. Who knows, maybe you could work out a trade. You could process it all at once and store the pomace wine or the low wines made from it to last the rest of the year while you make other things.

Juice is very expensive and that price of 50-60 bucks sounds about right. Even if it's not premium juice, that's almost 19 liters that could be made into wine, which is about 25 bottles. You're unlikely to find a supplier of fresh juice that will part with it for less than that.

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1 hour ago, mjduheme said:

Contact Emmerling International Foods at emmerlinginternational.com  They have juice, concentrates and purees.  We've used them on our cidery side for pear concentrates.  Good customer service.

Thank you! Ill check them out.



Correction: its www.emerlinginternational.com

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