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Aging whiskey

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§ 19.484 Marks on packages filled in production or storage.

(a)Packages filled in production or storage. Except as otherwise provided in this part, a proprietor must mark packages of spirits filled in production or storage with:

(1) The name of the producer, or the producer's trade name, in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section;

(2) The distilled spirits plant number of the producer, such as “DSP-KY-708”;

(3) The kind of spirits or, in the case of distillates removed under § 19.307, the kind of distillate such as “Grape Distillate” or “Peach Distillate”;

(4) The package identification number;

(5) “BSA” or “OC” when spirits are treated with caramel (burnt sugar) or oak chips, as the case may be;

(6) The rated capacity of the package in gallons shown as “RC-G”; and

(7) The name or trade name and the plant number of the packaging proprietor in place of the name or trade name and plant number of the producer if packages of spirits of 190° or more of proof are filled by a proprietor other than the producer.

(b)Real or trade names. The producer's or other proprietor's real name, or the authorized trade name used in accordance with§ 19.94 at the time of production, may be placed on any package filled at the time of the production gauge, or at the time of the original packaging of the spirits in wood when, as provided in § 19.305, the spirits were not filled into wooden packages at the time of production gauge. When spirits have been mingled in accordance with § 19.326, the proprietor may use only a producer name associated with any portion of the mingled spirits on packages filled with such mingled spirits.





Hope this helps.


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