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Technology Woes


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Dear ADI Forum Members,

     I wanted to let everyone know that over the weekend my iPhone had a major malfunction and is currently not operating.  Apple has been amazing and they are getting a new one to me as fast as they can.  However, in the meantime, I do not have access to retrieve any voicemails left at my 307-752-5961 number.  If you have recently left me a voicemail on my cell phone please also give me a call at the office at 307-673-2496 (or toll free at 1-800-300-4370), or send me an email at aaron.linden@hubinternational.com .

     Also, do yourselves a favor out there ....... if you rely heavily on your phone and technology, PLEASE back up your files and have a secondary access point.  I remember the day when I knew the phone number for everyone that I would call, and know I don't know any of them.  Siri is a great assistant, until she is not there anymore!!!!!!!!!  LOL!!!!!

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     After two weeks without my cell phone, I am back up and running on a new one!  So feel free to shoot me a text or give me a call at 307-752-5961!  Thank you so much to the 21 new distilleries that reached out to me during this time and worked with me through these technical woes, I appreciate your understanding!

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***** UPDATE *****


     I see that this topic still gets a lot of views, and I wanted to inform you all that my cell phone number is still the same.  It is 307-752-5961.  I am no longer associated with the prior email address and toll free number however, so if you are looking to reach out to me please do so on my cell at 307-752-5961.  I am still the number one go to guy for distillery insurance and welcome any of my past clients to contact me as well as the new.  I still have the most competitive coverage available with the lowest premiums in the country.

Stay Vigilant,


a.k.a. InsuranceMan 2.0

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