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Reporting Low Wines


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If you do a stripping run, but do not complete the spirit run before the end of the month. How are you reporting the low wines?

Is it as simple as reporting them on line 17(b) of the production report (Physical inventory of unfinished spirits).

Or, do I need to enter them into the storage account, and then receive them back into the production account the following month when I do the spirit run (line 15 of production, and line 18 of storage)? If so, how do I classify them the first month? Other (line K) and then write in low wines, or what the final classification will be?

So far I've been fudging the numbers a bit on my reports, and entering them all on the same month, but should do it the correct way.


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You would report them on line 17(b) under the appropriate spirit type. That being said you only have to report them at them end of each quarter (March,June, Sept, and Dec). All unfinished spirits should be inventoried and reported at the end of each quarter. 

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What S101 says is correct, the only time you need to record low wines is quarter end. 

I do not remember off the top of my head where it is stated in the CFR but a product can stay in production as long as reasonably necessary to finish the product and I interpret that as the entire time during the double distillation process. 

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