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CA Distillery For Sale

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This is just an initial effort to sell my distillery. I realize there is no pics, and the list of equipment is just off the top of my head. Interested parties are encouraged to call me to discuss things in further detail. If u give me a cell or email I can easily send u some pics through my phone. Someone is going to get an amazing whiskey set up. Not only is this equipment VERY functional, it is also the pretty stuff. This is a complete whiskey set up from grain to barrel. It's stops short of bottling. NO bottling equip. Everything is either brand new or has a little over a year of use on it. Add 3 more fermenters and a 2 person team can easily do a 30g barrel + / day.  An interested party can come out and run the equipment with me, and for an additional fee I will come out and get u tuned up with it at your location     Asking Price-  150k

300g pot still

100g 5 plate finishing still

2- 300g stainless jacketed fermenters

300g mash/Lauter tun

225k btu Crown boiler

800k btu WeilMclean boiler

mash pump- flexible impeller on cart

cip pump- stainless centrifugal on cart

hammer mill

roller mill

5 hp chiller

computer controlled heat exchanger for closed loop cooling water set up 

30 new char 3 30g barrels

12 new char 4 53g barrels 

diaphragm spirit transfer pump

all transfer mash/spirit/cip hoses and fittings and fittings and fittings and fittings, etc 

many k lbs of organic rye grain 

probably forgetting something.  650 p/g of 2+yr old whiskeys(prior to the angels) not in selling price but negotiable in sale. 

Please call for info. I'm not on the computer all the time.  (Twozero9)499-one34five 


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Good morning, 


I'm interested in getting more information on what you are selling.  Do you have a property that you lease?  If so how much is your lease and is it something I can take over?  Do you have a liquor license that can be purchased as part of the acquisition? What city are you located in? 6047168677



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