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Barrel Storage Close to Livestock?


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We are under construction now.  We are going to store our barrels on our farm, in a building yet to be determined.  We are considering using a building that is approximately 300 yards away from our livestock buildings.  This building will get the pleasant aroma of said livestock when the wind is out of the North West, which only occurs a few days out of the month.  My concern is that even though this building will only be subject to the livestock aroma a 3 days out of 30 it will effect the final product coming out of our barrels.  Do any of you have experience with this situation?  Did your livestock aroma effect the product negatively?  I appreciate any feedback.

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Edit:  We will be storing product in these barrels.

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Call it your Terroir!

Seriously, I can't imagine it could or would taint the alcohol. I do worry about the cow manure on my shoes and change when I enter the distillery.

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I have the same situation on our farm and I am keeping our barrels as far away from the animals as possible.  I suspect The Nose (Nancy Fraley) would advise the same.  What if the wind changed for a whole month?  It might affect your spirits.  I have too much $ tied up in my inventory to take any chances.

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