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100 gallon Vendome still for sale.

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We have removed this still after 5 years of service for us. It has created award winning rums and agave spirits. We replaced it with a larger still but it was  still a great workhorse for us and we are sad to see it go.  It is the perfect stilll to start a DSP

We are asking $30,000 OBO.  Price is FOB Plainfield, Illinois 60544. This still is ready today. Six plate column with dephlegmator.  It has a steam jacket (100-150,000 btu boiler recommended). Its  pretty efficient and produce 150-180 proof spirits in single run depending on our need. We added two sight glasses from gw kent as well a digital thermal well for the lyne arm.

We also have various other equipment available to help get your operation up and running.

-HDPE Tanks

-2 HDPE Conical tanks

-St. pats 4 spout gravity filler

-plate and frame filter (needs new jet pump)

R/o system-300 gpd with two 20 gallon storage tanks   

*Edit* - Disclaimer- This a 6yo used still in great working and cosmetic condition. We always recommend visibly inspecting any equipment that you buy online before buying.   This is  an OBO sale. This ad will stay up for offers until the still is paid for or a deposit is received (50%)  

Email: toby@tailwindsdistilling.com





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On 5/16/2018 at 3:53 PM, Kara 1836 said:

interested in bottle filler and plate and frame filter


Kara both are sold sorry

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