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**REDUCED** 250 Gallon Pot Still With Copper Column

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Unused 250 Gallon Pot Still available for sale. This was a pot still we intended to run separately as a dedicated whiskey still, but no longer are going to.

All equipment can be seen here: http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment

If you would like to purchase another size, it is 90-120 days turnaround time. Contact Me: Andrew Boczar andrew@tetondistillery.com

• 250 (new) Gallon Pot Still With Copper Column available for sale.

• Copper Onion Top

• Stainless Steel Dephlegmator Cap

• 18 Inch Diameter Shotgun Style Condenser

• 3-Phase AC Agitation Motor

• 14 Foot Maximum Height

• In-Stock

Available For Immediate Shipping

• $22,500 (250 Gal) - Sale Price $20,250

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