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Want To Buy: 400 liter copper alembic


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Subject says it all. We are looking to purchase a small, 400 liter (ish) copper alembic still w/ agitator or ability to add agitator.  Steam coils a must.  Anyone know of one on the secondary market? 



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I can do a basic 400 L copper alembic with a copper steam coil and  agitator for around $7,000.00.

How about a 400 liter  baine marie with an all copper pot and a stainless steam jacket with copper bubble plate column with a geared UL listed explosion proof, variable speed agitator. For less than $20,000? This costs a lot more than a basic alembic, but this is a lot more still.  The Hogas are really thin.  I can pick one of them up with my bare hands no problem.  This still would have heavy gauge copper throughout and there is no way in hell i could pick it up by hand.

I also have stainless and copper jacketed stills for around $8,000.00 with an agitator and  4 plate copper bubble plate column, like the still in the pic below.  The still can be used with steam.  Copper vapor interaction removes the sulfurs.  My stills have internal devices that I call diffuser plate assemblies.  They are stacks of copper perforated plates that are spaced 1/8" apart.  The perforations are offset so that the vapor has to wind it's way through them.  This gives you something that you don't have with even an all copper pot still.  My defuser plates insure that 100% of the vapor interacts with copper for complete sulfur removal.  The still below has 2 copper diffuser plate assemblies.  One just below the dephlegmator and the other just above the final condenser.  Also the defuser plate assemblies can be removed for cleaning in less than 2 minutes.  Just pop them into a sink.  This still can also be used as a mash tun for grain in mashes.  it would be around $7,000 with a copper scotch column or copper german helmet.  Also these stills are modular so that you can add plate sections and offset columns as well as gin baskets. like the still in the lower most pic.




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2 hours ago, Southernhighlander said:

I can do a basic 400 L copper alembic

Photos and specs?  Not really interested in bain-marie.  Sulfur a non issue as it will be for products starting w/ GNS.



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If you are using steam, hot water or oil, using a jacket is much better all the way around than a coil.  Also, a stainless pot is much stronger and more durable than a copper one.  We have never built a 400 L copper alembic so I do not have any pics.  Please see the pics below.    The boiler in the first pic, with apollo safety valves and the 3rd from the left column in the picture below that, and a line arm, parrot and condenser like the top picture, along with a geared agitator spinning at 45 RPM and a 14" clamp down manway, would only be $5,994.00 with an internal copper coil.  If you want the pot in copper, it would cost $7,997.00 Either way there would be a 20 to 25 week turn around time.  We have the jacketed ones in stock and one of them would ship in 8 to 10 weeks. paul@distillery-equipment.com  We also have the single walled stainless pots in stock, without a coil.  Also the prices above are fthe copper scotch column without the site glass.  With the site glass it would be $100.00 more.



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