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Never used for production wrap around automatic label machine from Pack leader. Initially bought to slide in line on our in-line system for ease of bottle switch outs. We are changing our line and do not need this label machine. (used for a test run only). 

Depending on the length of the label and bottle size, up to 100 containers per minutes but will label automatically as a bottle passes the sensor so perfect for hand bottlers as well as high speed lines. 

The Packleader ELF-50 is incredibly easy top use, adjustments of in-feed, wrap belt and line belt are automatically synced. 

Label Specifications:

Base Paper       Translucent

Reel Inner Diameter:     76 mm

Reel Outer Diameter:         250 mm

Gap of Label          3 mm min.

Width of Base Paper   Label Width + 4 mm

Width of Label        120 mm Head – 10 ~ 120 mm

  Length of Label    15 ~ 300 mm (Standard)

Label roll direction: #4 Left side of copy dispenses first.

We initially set it up to run 50ml PET bottles and both the 750ml and 1L OSLO (Kaleido, Nordic) style bottles.


These are incredibly robust and low maintenance label machines. Packleader also has exceptional and quick responses when help is needed.

I also had a small powder coated cart made to hold the machine and a shelf for label storage for quick changes I would be happy to throw in with the machine (on wheels).

Initially paid $10,500 plus $350 for the cart. I am open to offers but am Asking $7,500 for the machine. 


Best and please message for further details.

Jesse Parker






elf 50.JPG

Photo Apr 30, 11 29 32 AM.jpg

Photo Apr 30, 11 29 40 AM (1).jpg

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