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Falling Rock

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  • 2 weeks later...

Mr Rock,

I missed your request, do you consider to custom premium liquor bottles from China? 

My name is Jackie Lee in  charge of glass liquor bottles production, we have Semi-auto machines with 6 production lines, Automatic ranks machine with 4 production lines, raw materials are only with both kinds of flint and super flint.

We are focusing on ten thousands craft distilleries from The U.S. market, as to guarantee you will get the real factory price across brokers and distributors, who will be always charge you with heavy  commissions that will pass on your cost, while we offer direct factory price to save your wallets.

What information you need from me to get things moving, if easier, it can be available for a phone conversation.

Call me +86 187 0520 5756


Jackie Lee

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  • 4 months later...

I ended up not buying from them.

Their "New Customer" process was more than daunting. I was in a hurry and after being passed through three or four departments over two weeks, to start an account, I gave up! I wasn't asking for credit, didn't haggle on price. I did however ask for availability and agreement on shipping dates that they were unable to quote.

So, while I was accepting of their price, I'd have to say their customer service just turned me off.

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