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240 Gallon Distillation System from Specific Mechanical

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Hello, due to some crazed township engineers I will be unable to build out my facility. As such I need to sell a brand new never used Specific Mechanical distillation system. I'm looking for $200,000 from the manufacturer you are looking at around $300,00. I have attached the spec sheets. I would also be more then willing to sell a trademark, websites, Facebook pages, HLT, and portable pump as a package deal or separate (I should have other listings for those items in the near future). I'm also willing to do owner financing if you are in the tri-state area PA, NJ, DE. Buyer will be responsible for shipping.

The still itself is a 240 gallon system with multiple heads. The system includes a built in crane for changing the heads and lynn arms. The system also includes a mashton/fermentor that is mounted to the skid. The system is pre plumbed and wired for 3 phase power. It is double jacketed so you will need a steam boiler and while it can run on just water for cooling I would suggest a chiller unit.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

240 Gal_Plumbing_Schematic.pdf

240G Still Drawings.PDF

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I have dropped the price $55,000
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I don't want to insult you ... but I'm intimately familiar with this equipment ... I'll give you $100K for it and we'll pick it up.  I know it's not what you want, but if/when it comes to that I've got cash.


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