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Looking for partner in NC

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I am searching far and wide to find the right partner for a distillery in NC.  What I bring to the table is a background in chemistry and pharmaceutical manufacturing and high business acumen.  Preferrably I can find someone local that has been dieing to get a distillery going in the mountains of NC or elsewhere in the state.  

I am open to all parties and backgrounds.  I want to make this happen so any and all interested should give me a shout.

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Hi all - I'm located in triangle area, been thinking about western part of state though for this.  Looking for any partner, would entertain any discussion.  Investment, working, whatever..  

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Hey Jake, 

Email me at ben@lifeofreilley.net if you'd like. Our distillery was just acquired so I'm open to other opportunities now. 

We can set up a call to discuss further. 

Thanks, Ben

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