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Bottle Blower / Rinser


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I'm looking for a lead on a bottle blower to use pre-fill, ideally something that works off a small air compressor. I am not worried about using water, just air. Some use both which would be okay too, I just wouldn't hook up water. I am having a surprisingly hard time finding a good solution. Thank you!

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Our MiniMax Closed Loop Rinser rinses bottles with your own spirits prior to filling, and runs on compressed air. We've done some in-house testing of just blowing bottles with compressed air. What we've found is that air alone—even if treated—isn't very effective. Even at fairly high pressures, it tends to just blow the particles around, but they still remain in the bottle. Liquid is much more effective at rinsing.

If you want to just hook up air, you can use our Rinser/Sparger and get the 'Sparger Only' option. Typically it's used by wineries and breweries who want to sparge their bottles with inert gas prior to filling to prevent oxidation, however if you just hook up high PSI air to the inlet , it will just blow compressed air into the bottles. My warning remains, though. It's not as effective as a wet rinse.

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