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I'm starting up a rectifying and bottling plant. Running into quite a few fire restrictions. My hazmat engineer keeps telling me at 80 proof we are a class 1b flammable although my research indicates class 1c as we are well below 50%. Realizing that I'll be blending down from 192 proof which is a class 1b, does anyone have the answer to this or any dealings with fire codes that are recent? Thank you in advance

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I had similar issues. My suggestion is get and keep on file the MSDS sheets from your NGS supplier in the proof you are storing. If you would like to see mine send me an email. I have a sprinklered building and can store 220 gallons of 1b and no limit on 1c. Also, if it's stored in oak or bottles less than 2ish gallons it is exempt too. This is based on IFC 2005 code. I can email you code # if you need.


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