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Question on defleg...


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we’re a new distillery up in the montreal area... we’ve primarily been using our machine in a pot still mode...

Now, i figure I should probably figure out the basics of this deflegmator 

when do you use it? How do you use it? You know, the basics.

i couldn’t find a thread on it, so I’m asking here but please redirect me if I’m just blind and unable to read ;) 

Many thinks in advance!



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Specifics of the effect of a dephleg depend very much on the geometry and design of the dephleg and how it is operated. So there is no very useful basic answer, other than to say: it will increase reflux at the head of the still or in the vapor path (depending on design), which will tend to increase proof, increase separation, but reduce flow. Other than geometry and design, in operation, you want to control the temperature and flow rate of the coolant in the dephleg to vary the reflux, and you may want that to be fixed or to be varied by some sort of feedback system. Beyond that is beyond the basics, and also will require details of your depheg geometry and design.

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hmmm... that's a fair answer...

I guess I'll have to poke and prod at it in use and see exactly how it works with my still.

when typically is the dephleg used? near the end or throughout the disillation? or is that part of the "beyond the basics" stuff.. which is also fair :)



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In the beginning to compress the heads at the top of the column and lessen your heads cut, and during the hearts cut so the equilibrium of the still holds the tails low in the column and increases your hearts cut. You really have to understand what is happening in the column to understand what effect the dephleg is having. You could write a whole book on the subject.

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