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oil in steam boiler


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Boiler " Boil Out " is done with 2-1/2 lbs. each TSP and Caustic Soda for every 120 gal of water.

This is added to cold boiler, its closed up and then fired OFF the steam main for 5-6 hrs. Then cool and rinse well. Then refill with your chemical feed set to run somewhere around the half full point.

Its a mistake in steam fitting practice to put any black pipe together that has not been solvent cleaned, or otherwise properly degreased. Letting that oil get loose in the system will make it harder to fully get out, than if it was stopped beforehand.

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Yup, regular ole Dawn dishwashing detergent.  Obviously not full strength. Basically you're cleaning out any oils resulting from the piping work. Dawn is fantastic for that and lots of other things.   I'm most interested in the grease/oil cutting attributes.  

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