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Label Requirements for Europe


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First off I am going to apologize now I’m not sure where this thread should go so you will probably see it published in a few locations that I think may apply.

Okay so I have a big order from a importer/distributor in Italy yay!!  However, I am trying to figure out the labeling requirements.  I asked the importer he said look at another company and do what they did.  (Thanks for all the help ?).  I looked it up on good ole’ google and I’m just finding some papers on self-regulation about possibly needing to list all ingredients on the label.  Looks like that is not required now.  

Does anyone know where I can find information on what the exact requirements are for the European Union?  The United States is very specific as we all know in our COLA approvals.  Does the EU have anything similar to this?  Do I need the get my label approved?  Please, help this order is the largest we’ve ever had for our tiny distillery.  I do not have the cash to make any mistakes.


Thank you all!

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Hardly any distributor will know the labeling requirements, they don't make labels (or bottles for that matter). That's the producers job. And it isn't a very difficult one in Europe.

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