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Fill Variance and Fillers


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We are currently using a Enolmaster to fill our Ariane bottles. On our first run, we filled the bottles about 3 hours or so after chill filtration. So, the product was pretty cold still. We checked our proof multiple times and were good on proof , but we had a few issues with fill variance.

Since the product was so cold, and our Enolmaster was set to the lowest setting we could figure out (the arm was horizontal and the little screw was all the way up....the filler was as far into the bottle as possible) we were getting 715-716 grams of product into our bottles when we should have been getting 712 grams (750 ml at 80 proof). As the product warmed up, we were more accurate.

I know that the regs are pretty tight when it comes to proof but they are less clear about fill variance. So, what's allowable? I can't seem to find anything that's clear.

Regarding the Enolmaster, if you pull the bottle off of the filler at different speeds, you get different amounts of product in the bottles. Anyone have this problem and a solution? Maybe a different filler is in my future. Maybe I'm too worried about a problem that isn't much of a problem.

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Not sure on the exact regs, but the director for the TTB's lab told me "no more than 8% headspace." Other than that (from what she said), it's on us. We checked ours by filling our bottles max capacity to the very, very top, then did the math after we emptied out that headspace to get it back down to the standard-fill. Now I tell kids that algebra and geometry actually does get used after school!

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