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Question about samples and TTB


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Hi everyone,

Quick questions.  Does the person giving out samples at the DSP have to be on the TTB permit/application ? 

Can I have an employee giving out samples and selling bottles?  How about giving out samples at events / stores?  Or is all this handled by state governance?

Thank you all in advance.



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No - the person giving out samples does not have to be even known to TTB.  You must report only persons who are principals in the business.  See Section 19.93 for info on who must be included on the TTB application.

As you suspect, all of the rules you ask about are state matters only.  States have different requirements.  Generally persons who serve must have completed mandatory state training.  on serving rules. Remember, all samples must served and all sales made off the DSP premise .  Therefore, all samples served to the public must be served from bottles on which tax has been determined.

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