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Hello from a pre-launch Whiskey brand in LA

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Hi everyone,

I am the founder of a new, pre-launch Whiskey brand based out of Los Angeles.  We're fairly organized, but not yet staffed fully, and working to complete our first round of fundraising.  I'm not a distiller, so I'm hoping to learn more about the process, and maybe find an experienced pro or two who are intrigued by the idea of getting involved with a vertically integrated mass-market brand at its inception.  If anyone is located in LA and has professional Whiskey distilling experience, I'd love to meet up and maybe buy you a drink (gin, I'd imagine...).

Great to meet you all!


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14 minutes ago, indyspirits said:

Oooooh! Tell us more.



I'm always a little hesitant to lay out the full story, but I'll add a little color commentary!

I'm a marketing executive (please don't hold it against me) that has been a whiskey drinker since the day I turned 21, and certainly not before...  I stumbled upon a source of barley that's both good for whiskey and good for the farmers that grow it, but not immensely profitable.  So I built out the concept for a whiskey brand that partners with growers, malts its own barley, and produces whiskeys that give back to the farms they're grown on. 

As I mentioned, I'm not a distiller, so while I understand the basic chemistry involved, we haven't created any product yet.  I'm currently in the process of raising capital and laying the groundwork, and my hope is that I can meet some great people who are interested enough in getting involved that they may want to chat!

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