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  1. Thanks everybody, you'll all be more than welcome when we set it up.
  2. Hello everyone, To make it easier I've set my name as my forum nickname, so in short, Neven from Croatia. I'm not really a newbie in distilling, been spending time around the still since I was a small kid. I might even says that's some 30 years of experience Not sure if you know, but home distilling was never illegal in Croatia, nor in former Yugoslavia, so distilling has a long tradition in our region. We are distilling mostly fruit brandies, such as Sljivovica (Slivovitz), pear brandy, grappa, apple brandy.... With this in mind, craft distilleries are not something new with us, been there for ages. I've joined ADI for many reasons, but the main one is because I'm starting my own craft distillery together with a very good friend of mine. Earlier this year I also started a blog about grain spirits in Croatian, but like I mentioned, our main goal is to make grain spirits, such as whiskey and gin, and we think ADI is the right place to be to get in contact with people who have that same tradition and knowledge about it as we have of fruit brandies. Logistically, we think we have all it takes to make great grain spirits; local organic grains, superb quality limestone filtered water, first class botanicals from the mountains and from the Adriatic islands, Slavonian oak barrels, possibility of aging spirits on Adriatic coast and not to forget, nobody makes gin or whisky in Croatia, never been done commercially. Now we just need to learn from the best and then do our best. So, not to make an essay of the introduction, I'm happy to be here, happy to have met Bill Owens in London in October and I hope to get to learn something, get to know you guys and maybe even make new friends, which would be the icing on the cake.