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  1. frespirits

    20 Barrels of 3+YO MGPI 21% Rye Bourbon

    If the post is up it is still available. The profile is very typical of the MGPI 21% rye masbill. Not really sure how I could describe it to you beyond that.
  2. frespirits

    20 Barrels of 3+YO MGPI 21% Rye Bourbon

    53 gal, 120 entry proof
  3. We have a virtually new IFS semi-automatic benchtop t-top cork plugger that is designed to mount to conveyor or slide tray for use. It's activated by foot switch to lower and snap plugs one at a time. Unit will also press into place various inserts, plugs and bar top corks. Features: -Single size pressure foot (additional sizes available), -Dive cylinder and controls, -V-block for locating and holding the container, -Mounting hardware/stand for attachment to conveyor or slidetray, -Upgradeable to automatically snap pre-placed caps/inserts/plugs/lids. Brand new unit was $2750 plus freight shipped to us in Traverse City, MI. Will sell for $2,500 delivered anywhere in the continental US or Canada. Unit is one year old. We did not end up using this in our new line. You can come and check it out if you like.
  4. Like the title says. We have 20 non-regauged barrels of June-July 2015 Indiana bourbon for sale. Looking to get $2550 per barrel. FOB MI.
  5. frespirits

    For Sale 10 New 10-Gallon Barrels Char3

    After two years they will almost certainly leak. Have you spoken to the manufacturer? Do they need to be recoopered?