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  1. What I'm trying to work out is how to create a realistic budget for a business plan. I could make a good looking i.e profitable business plan with a budget that says I'll sell 200,000 750ml bottles a year, with one FTE in a 200 sqft space, but I'm guessing that's not possible. So I'm just looking for estimates/example so that if my plan includes growing to producing and selling 200,000 750ml bottles a year, it needs to include expenses for approximately X amount of space, X FTE, etc. I've done some research on forums and articles and so far I'm arriving at around 20,000 bottles per year per 100 sqft, i.e that is the average of examples I found so far that included info on distillery size and bottle/cases produced per year. I was hoping to get some more examples from people on the forum as well as examples on other major costs like FTE.
  2. Hi I'm starting to work on a business plan for a micro-distillery in New Zealand. I'm looking for any data on distillery size vs output for planning purposes, i.e. Bottle produce a year, distillery sqft, approximate FTE, Still size, etc. Is there anywhere I can find this info, or can people post their stats to this thread? Happy to anonymise the data if the details are messaged to me. Also as a side note, while NZ may be great for the home distiller, every time I read someone mention how high the spirit alcohol tax is in the US I laugh. If my calculations are correct its approximately $100 NZ (75USD) per proof gallon. Wine and beer are about half this. About the cheapest, you can get a 1lt bottle of spirits is $35, and $25 of that is alcohol and sales tax.
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