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  1. On The Grain *Newbie*

    I may give this a try and see what happens with it, though I may just go back to off the grain and put the yeast in with the ferment? I have been avoiding the yeast thus far for fear of it burning, but I may give it a shot.
  2. On The Grain *Newbie*

    It's a pretty nasty scorch. At one point I saw what I assume to be rye smoke (like a light brown smoke) coming from the parrot and it smelled pretty strongly of burnt popcorn. I actually got really good conversion with the 5% malt, but I use added enzymes as well.
  3. On The Grain *Newbie*

    I am agitating with a 14V corded drill so I can not truly agitate continuously with the setup I have. But I did agitate probably 75% of the total heat up time. I am keeping full power in during distillation, usually 15A at this volume.
  4. On The Grain *Newbie*

    Sad to hear this, but thank you for the experienced advice. I cannot move to a jacketed pot until I bite the bullet and try to move to a professional setup, but I suppose I can infer most of the flavor changes I will get from grain in through testing off the grain.
  5. On The Grain *Newbie*

    Hey guys, Been distilling for about a year and a half on a hillbilly still, w flute, and 5500 watt direct heating element. Last week I ventured into "on the grain" for the first time. Amazing fermentation results, much easier mashing, only problem is I have now scorched 2 mashes and I am at a loss. I read through as many forums as I can here, and I found one user who claims Rye needs a much more substantial beta-glucanase break to avoid scorching in a mash. Is that my problem? Also, yes, I brought it up real real slow and agitated as much as I could without being on it constantly for 2 hours. 100% rye mash with 95% BSG toasted rye, and 5% BSG rye malt. 2 step mash infusion at 158 and 140. Ground the grains down to an extra course flower, maybe 1/32". Help?