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  1. Looking to see if anyone here might have a recommendation for a manufacturer of custom direct fire boxes for a still. I have a company I want to buy the burner and safety devices from, but I need someone who can supply the encasement/exhaust. I would build myself but I get the feeling I will have a much easier time with the fire dept if I go with a professional.
  2. Correct! I'm distilling on the grain, with a 4 sieve plate hillbilly still flute on a bain Marie pot.
  3. hello all: curious if anyone has a suggestion for mashing technique with cereal grains that results in a less oily low wine/high wine. I know, of course, I can filter post, but I thought yall may be able to help with a way to keep it out of the mash some from the get go. thanks!
  4. Southern Highlander: based on a little research this weekend, I have come to believe that the most likely culprit is Frilli. Idk if you wanted any follow up on this, but I thought I would share.
  5. Anyone know who is producing these brand new looking Bennett stills I am seeing? Cant find any info on who is producing them.
  6. When you say Carter head style basket, I am assuming this means basket pre-column above the pot?
  7. Hello all, Hoping to gain some group knowledge here while setting myself up in the most efficient way. I've noticed when sizing chilling needs that the big draw (for my setup) is the mash tank. I imagine everyone else is the same. I came here looking for sage advice on how to not spend an exorbitant amount of $$ cooling mash, when the condenser and fermentation chilling needs are pretty minimal. I should probably state that I live in Florida where the ground water reaches about 77F in peak summer, but I am trying to not waste a bunch of water. Any ideas on a recirc system that would do the job (and cheaply)? Thanks, Ric
  8. Hi everyone, I am looking for a used (or new) Hoga still with a Gin basket and column configuration. I contacted Hoga concerning this, and I was told they are redesigning all of their column stills and won't offer any for sale until some time in 2019 (alembics are the only ones for sale). This doesn't really work with my timeline, so I thought I would reach out to all of you! Any help here would be much appreciated. -R
  9. I may give this a try and see what happens with it, though I may just go back to off the grain and put the yeast in with the ferment? I have been avoiding the yeast thus far for fear of it burning, but I may give it a shot.
  10. It's a pretty nasty scorch. At one point I saw what I assume to be rye smoke (like a light brown smoke) coming from the parrot and it smelled pretty strongly of burnt popcorn. I actually got really good conversion with the 5% malt, but I use added enzymes as well.
  11. I am agitating with a 14V corded drill so I can not truly agitate continuously with the setup I have. But I did agitate probably 75% of the total heat up time. I am keeping full power in during distillation, usually 15A at this volume.
  12. Sad to hear this, but thank you for the experienced advice. I cannot move to a jacketed pot until I bite the bullet and try to move to a professional setup, but I suppose I can infer most of the flavor changes I will get from grain in through testing off the grain.
  13. Hey guys, Been distilling for about a year and a half on a hillbilly still, w flute, and 5500 watt direct heating element. Last week I ventured into "on the grain" for the first time. Amazing fermentation results, much easier mashing, only problem is I have now scorched 2 mashes and I am at a loss. I read through as many forums as I can here, and I found one user who claims Rye needs a much more substantial beta-glucanase break to avoid scorching in a mash. Is that my problem? Also, yes, I brought it up real real slow and agitated as much as I could without being on it constantly for 2 hours. 100% rye mash with 95% BSG toasted rye, and 5% BSG rye malt. 2 step mash infusion at 158 and 140. Ground the grains down to an extra course flower, maybe 1/32". Help?
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