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  1. gmdiny

    Fermenting Whey

    Hey Guys, I am working on a project with a local farm. We want to turn whey and straight up lactose into a spirit. I know this is possible, I just dont know what kind of yeast to use. The research I have found points me in te direction of either using Lactase Enzyme to convert the lactose into fermentibles or use yeast that can just convert the whey or lactose without an enzyme. Does anybody have any advice? Thanks for the help!
  2. gmdiny

    Gin Cloudiness

    Yes, I make very generous heads cuts when distilling. The spirit does not come off the still cloudy, crystal clear. It starts clouding up when it gets below 100 proof. Our method is: mascerating juniper, coriander and schizandra over night in wheat base. Then day of distillation add all the flower botanicals into the gin basket. Turn the still on, make the heads cut, hearts cut and tails cuts appropriately. The end collection is at about 160 proof. After that it gets proofed to 85 using RO water for filtration. After filtration, it is then proofed to 80 and bottled. I honestly think that the botanical bill needs to be adjusted.
  3. gmdiny

    Gin Cloudiness

    Hello, I can't seem to get my Gin to clear up without removing a significant amount of flavor. Currently it is distilled from a Wheat base at about 140 proof, then filtered through a .45 micron cartridge filter until clear. Is there any other method of filtration I should be trying? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. You sound like you're full of hot air and have NO IDEA what you're doing or going to be in for. I haven't been in the industry long, but this isn't the place for that. Its a lot of hard work. My advice is to get out while your still out.
  5. So, the distillery I am currently working for is looking to expand and wanted to to explore all options when it comes to the tanks we potentially buy. Money is always an issue, so I figured why not go with used SS dairy tanks for the fermenters with a few modifications done to them if needed. My questions are: Has anybody used done this before? I know its pretty common in the beer industry, but I was wondering about distilling. From my understanding, the lower pressure allows the yeast to produce more esters, is this accurate? Outside of the size foot print, why is this not a viable option? Thanks!
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