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  1. sjwood3

    Off site mash

    All great perspectives. Certainly makes sense to transport lower volumes as well.
  2. sjwood3

    Off site mash

    Valid question. Suffices to say the concept requires the still in our primary location. I wish we could pipe it! But not an option.
  3. sjwood3

    Off site mash

    Hi all, I'm working with limited space in planning a distillery, about 800 square feet. However, we have essentially unlimited space elsewhere (close by) where we will be milling to have a mash tun and maybe a fermenter or two. Point is that we are considering off site mashing. Any pros and cons you can suggest? Obviously energy, efficiency, extra costs in labor and possible contamination are ony mind. Has anyone done it? Have success or failure advice? Thanks!
  4. To all who may be interested, I've been studying Brewing and Distilling at Heriot Watt University via distance learning for the past two years. (See program here: (https://www.hw.ac.uk/postgraduate/br...distilling.htm) I have completed the diploma portion will begin my Master's project soon. I live in Orange County, Southern California (recently relocated from Indianapolis, IN) and am seeking part-time experience in either field of brewing or distilling. I was fortunate enough to gain valuable hands on experience (a couple times a month for a year) with the fine gentlemen of Black Acre Brewery (http://blackacrebrewing.com/home/) in Irvington, IN, so my experience is not completely theoretical. Given that home distilling is completely illegal, that I have not had the chance to perform. I did however do hands on training in Scotland. I am also looking for a place to conduct research. If you have a project that would prove mutually beneficial or think that we could conjure up a beneficial project, then please contact me! My schedule is flexible and I'm willing to entertain most offers. Resume available upon request. You can reach me directly at sjwood3@gmail.com or reply here. My core knowledge includes courses in:Alcohol Beverage TechnologyCereals, Malting and MashingWort Boiling, Fermentation and Beer MaturationDistilled Spirit Production and MaturationFiltration and Packaging of Alcohol BeveragesManagement in the Food and Beverage IndustriesFood ChemistryProject Study (Hands on class in Scotland)