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  1. HSD

    label printer

    What software are you using Pete? Looking for an overprinter at the moment.
  2. HSD

    Cooling Water set up feedback

    We are not in a continuous process yet, also we're operating in 100sqm and space is tight. I'm certainly more inclined to fit a compact chiller in a system flow like this; Poly tank - chiller (cool to 10c) - to condensers - return to poly tank. I'd expect the volume in the holding tank will be enough to remove most of the heat prior to running through the chiller, I could then run the chiller to bring it down the holding tank temps before the next run.
  3. HSD

    What type of stills do you have?

    We use two 380l stills, one plated column and one stripping still. Both use immersion elements and we run grain washes & rum without issue.
  4. HSD

    Cooling Water set up feedback

    Im in the same boat. We have a 5000lt (1300gal) poly holding tank running a submersible pump feeding the condensers. During winter it's fine and I can do a few runs a week without issues. This is our first summer and it's causing us problems. Ambient water temp is 30°C (86f), and following a run it's upwards of 45°C (113f) and takes a very long time to come down again. Does anyone have any suggestions for chilling the water? I was thinking of hooking up a glycol chiller set to 10°C and having the tank water pass through then to the condenser and the hot water from the condenser return to the tank. The poly tank water would take a lot of the heat load out of it prior to returning through the chiller. Is this even possible or am I on the wrong track?
  5. Trying to source Sebstar HTL and Sebamyl GL in Australia. Have emailed three Australian enzyme companies but no reply. Usually purchase from the US but shipping times and cost is an issue, not to mention the supplier has gone quiet recently and i am not getting anything back from them after placing a $600 order. If you have a contact that can supply these liquid enzymes could you please pm me or post details ASAP. We are officially out of enzymes.
  6. This is not our grain bill, nor our figures. Spotted this on a recent ad I saw "The grain is a majority of corn/maize (80%) with malted barley and wheat. Occasionally it has quinoa in it. Specs are (and can be provided): Crude Protein 22.4%, Digestibility 72%, Moisture 72%, Metabolisable energy 11.3%"
  7. Hi Pete, we mash with 100% triticale and it acts very similar to rye. We use 10% rice husk by weight. The husks are soaked and rinsed in water prior to use to reduce absorption of the wort. They're added during the second enzyme rest. Our tuns gravity drain into the fermenters and no pressing of the grain is necessary, the run off is always clean but does take time to complete. This method can be used for on or off grain ferments, off grain is better as the liquid is hotter and drains more freely. Proper initial liquification is the key.